Available in Annenberg, Penn Dental, Weitzman School of Design, Graduate School of Education, Nursing, Perelman School of Medicine, and Wharton

To access BlueJeans, follow the instructions on the Canvas at Penn website. Instructors in the School of Medicine can also contact Penn Medicine Academic Computing Services (PMACS) to host their Blue Jeans session along with the option of a BlueJeans moderator.

It is easiest to share links to your BlueJeans class meeting with students by providing a link in Canvas or by email. To access the meeting link, click on the meeting after it is scheduled as shown in the screenshot.

For additional information about how to use BlueJeans, review the guides below:

BlueJeans meetings are generally limited to 100 participants. If you need to use use BlueJeans with larger class sizes, contact the instructional technology support for your school

Students do not need accounts to participate.

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