CTL Programs and Services for Faculty

The Center for Teaching and Learning's programs and services for faculty provide a forum to show the strengths of Penn's teaching community.  In the center's discussion-based lunches and seminars faculty are invited to talk with each other to find answers to teaching questions and focus on how to help students learn.

One Time Faculty Conversations

Faculty to Faculty Lunches
Teaching with Technology
Inclusive Teaching Events
Engineering Faculty Teaching Forum
Course Development Program
Workshops by Request

Year-long Faculty Seminars

CTL regularly organizes year-long seminars on topics of general interest to faculty. These seminars meet once a month. Faculty who become core members of the seminar and participate monthly will receive an $800 research fund. This fund may be used for scholarly expenses such as books, computer equipment, research travel, etc. Members of the core will attend all of the seminars and may, at some point during the year, observe a colleague teaching.

Seminars include;

  • Teaching Science Seminar
  • SAIL Seminar
  • Inclusive Teaching Seminar
  • Teaching Large Lectures Seminar


Other information and services

For New Faculty
Consultation and Observation
Syllabus Language and Policies
Structured Active In-Class Learning


Assessing Teaching and Learning

Working with faculty and departments, CTL can evaluate the impact of teaching practices and specific interventions and innovations to understand if they are successful and how they could be improved. 

Curricular planning. 

CTL can work with faculty and departments to identify key curricular goals and how courses can best contribute to a program.

For more information about any of these offerings  please contact CTL.