Creating Community in the Remote Literature Classroom

Professors Jo Park, English and D. Brian Kim, Russian and East European Studies
Aug 11 2020 : 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
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Davy Knittle, CTL Graduate Fellow, English and Adam Sax, CTL Graduate Fellow, Comparative Literature

In this workshop, we’ll focus on strategies shared by CTL and others for promoting classroom community, as well as strategies specific to teaching literature remotely. How might we use the solitary togetherness of reading and analyzing common texts to promote classroom community? How might asynchronous and synchronous sessions draw on commonalities and differences between the personal, community, national, and global experiences that each student is having and how might an embrace of linguistic pluralism and translation aid in such a strategy? How can variation in assignment design help promote community within the classroom and beyond it? How might literary texts that critique and negotiate systems of power provide particular resources for building a sense of community in our remote classes in the fall and beyond? This workshop will provide suggestions as well as an opportunity for discussion and resource-sharing. While this workshop focuses on the literature classroom, participants from all fields are welcome to attend! 

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This workshop counts toward the CTL Teaching Certificate. 

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