Designing Good Problem Sets & Assignments to Reinforce Learning 

Shivajee Govind, CTL Graduate Fellow, Chemistry
Oct 21 2020 : 5:00 pm to 6:15 pm
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This workshop will  help TAs design good problem sets, in-class quizzes or questions aimed to reinforce learning. For learning, it is essential to test oneself with questions to build confidence with the subject, and to gain practice in applying concepts and techniques  to situations or problems. In-class questions or quizzes can also be used as a means to foster more discussions or group work within a class or even to get your students to think beyond the scope of the class. Whether problems are intended for in class use or homework,  it can be challenging to design a problem set that is stimulating but at the same time not too stressful for the students. In this workshop we will consider strategies to help you meet this challenge.

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This workshop counts as a TA Training Follow-up workshop.

This workshop counts toward the CTL Teaching Certificate. 

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