Helping Students Manage In A Stressful Environment 

Davy Knittle, CTL Graduate Fellow, English
Oct 12 2020 : 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm
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This workshop will focus on how to address individual, institutional, national, and global stress as it regularly shapes students’ academic lives. We will discuss how courses across the disciplines can make room for students to share their experience of stressful situations – privately and in class, as they wish to – and how we can provide our students with tools for negotiating both temporary and pervasive stressful situations. We will also devote time to the particular demands of our current situation, as we are all teaching this semester in the midst of a global pandemic, a national recession, and a serious public reckoning with pervasive anti-Blackness in government, culture, and institutions, including our university. These circumstances will result for many of our students in unprecedented care and emotional obligations, financial stress, and logistical challenges, exacerbating ways that many students already feel stressed by their life at Penn. We will discuss how to help students address stress as it manifests within and outside the classroom, how to connect students with support services at Penn, and how to be flexible with deadlines and expectations while still providing structure. 

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This workshop counts as a TA Training Follow-up Workshop.

This workshop counts toward the CTL Teaching Certificate.

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