Preparing to Teach a Class for the First (or Second) Time

Mar 09 2020 : 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
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CTL/OLI Seminar Room, 134 Van Pelt Library

Teaching a class for the first time and preparing to turn it into a regular offering can be daunting.  This session, jointly sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Curriculum Committee of the College, has a very practical aim: How can you create a class focused on making sure students get what you want them to get?  The program will help instructors at any level think about the key questions for teaching a new class and use those answers to generate a prospectus that can be posted online in Courses-In-Touch to help students find the right class for them. 


The program is not required of anyone planning to submit a course to the curriculum committee but intended to clarify the types of questions that will help instructors teach a strong course and in turn make it easier to submit to the committee.

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