Using Technology to Have Students Create Public Facing Work

Professors Kathleen Brown, History and Julia Ticona, Annenberg
Apr 09 2020 : 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm
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CTL/OLI Seminar Room, 134 Van Pelt Library

Digital projects present students with an exciting challenge, but making that work public facing can be even more exciting.  For students and faculty, the idea that the students' work should have an audience beyond the classroom gives the work they do additional value.  But these projects can be a challenge to lead students through: there is often a technical challenge as well as the challenge of helping students imagine a different audience for their work while helping students manage their time in ways that produce a project worthy of public attention within a 15 week semester.  This session will discuss both the pedagogical value of these projects and the various challenges instructors who use them face.

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