Getting Students to Engage with Each Other and the Class Using Canvas

Professors Justin McDaniel, Religious Studies and Luca Bossi, Economics
Nov 29 2018 : 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm
CTL/OLI Seminar Room, 134 Van Pelt Library

Getting students to talk to each other, rather than only to the professor, can be a powerful way to help them learn the subject and feel better connected to the class.  Canvas and its many plug-in tools (like Piazza and Yellow Dig) intends to help students develop those connections but using them effectively can be a challenge.  Participants in this session will discuss how to use these tools, from motivating students to start using them to overcoming the alienation students sometimes feel online, so that students can better discuss content together and find new ways to solve problems.

Teaching with Technology discussions bring faculty together to discuss why and how they might use specific technologies in their teaching. Each conversation focuses on a different goal or challenge and on particular technologies faculty use to address those aims. Each session is moderated by two faculty members, who will share their experiences and guide the discussion; instructional technology support staff will also participate to help faculty consider how to implement the ideas discussed. Faculty from across Penn are welcome. To encourage interactive discussion, though, registration is limited to twelve faculty.

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides lunch for all those who register in advance.

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