The Logistics of Teaching at Penn

The following pages provide information about Penn policies that affect the classroom, questions that Penn Instructors might have (from finding rooms to using instructional technology), and policies that guide Penn instructors in the classroom.  

Links Around Penn that Can Help with Logistical Questions
Penn uses a system called Courses in Touch to show instructors who is in their class and to allow instructors to record final grades.
Instructors can use the registrar's office to find where their classroom is but also can use the classroom information section of the registrar's page to find out more about their classrooms, from the number of students the room will hold to the technology the room contains.
Canvas is the course management system for the majority of courses at Penn. Instructors can use Canvas to share reading materials, organize classes, give students quizzes and assignments and keep track of grades, among other things.


For any Penn Policies that aren't here, consult the PennBook which contains all of Penn's Academic Policies.

Policies about class organization

Class Meeting Times
Academic Integrity
Common Midterms
Academic Integrity
Religious and Secular Holidays
Dates on Which Grades Are Due

Policies Concerning Students and Student/Faculty Interactions

Confidentiality of Student Records
Students with Disabilities
Sexual Misconduct