Making Class Discussion More Purposeful

Howie Tam, CTL Graduate Fellow, English
Feb 06 2018 : 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
CTL/OLI Seminar Room, 134 Van Pelt Library

This workshop explores strategies to make classroom discussion effective and purposeful. Participants in this workshop will begin by thinking about how to set goals for each class discussion, communicate your goals to the class, and different formats and technologies that enhance discussion both in- and outside of class. We will also share tips on discussion preparation and how to handle students’ distraction and lack of participation. Finally, the group will consider strategies for purposeful discussion: When is free discussion helpful? When should we break the class into smaller groups? How can Canvas help with preparation and follow-up? These will be among the questions we will address.

Counts toward the CTL Teaching Certificate.

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