Making Group Work Work

Emilie Benson, CTL Graduate Fellow, Physics
Oct 22 2019 : 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
CTL Seminar Room, Van Pelt 134

Group work is a common classroom tactic used to create collaboration and improve understanding. While group work often better engages students with the material and each other, it can be challenging to structure it in such a way as to be productive. This workshop will examine the challenge of designing group work effectively to make sure students share work equally, focus on the task at hand, and find group work useful for their learning.  While thinking through these challenges, this workshop will address how TAs and instructors can make sure group work accomplishes what it should in your classroom, as well as addressing when group work is most effective.

Counts toward the CTL Teaching Certificate. Also counts as a follow-up workshop for SAS participants in TA Training.

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