Programs and Services

The Center for Teaching and Learning offers programs to help all instructors excel in their teaching. CTL events bring instructors together to gain insight from colleagues through open discussions of teaching topics. Many of these are faculty-guided conversations; others are structured teaching workshops led by CTL staff. Additionally, CTL staff are available to consult individually with instructors across Penn about any aspect of teaching. Instructors at all levels of experience and expertise — from senior faculty to new teaching assistants, from acclaimed and ambitious teachers to those facing particular challenges — participate in CTL programs.

CTL provides programs for instructors at all levels to support their success in teaching. The Center offers a wide range of discussions and workshops in which faculty can discuss particular teaching issues with colleagues and CTL staff.
CTL provides a broad range of programs for graduate students that can help them succeed as TAs, prepare them for the job market and for being faculty in the future. Graduate students can choose to participate one workshop, or they may want to get more involved by earning the CTL Teaching Certificate, or even joining CTL as a Graduate Fellow.
CTL encourages post-docs to engage with our workshops for graduate students or faculty as appropriate. The center also offers mini-courses and seminars to help post-docs prepare for their roles as future faculty.
CTL helps undergraduates prepare to work as part of an instructional team through a variety of orientations and trainings.