Programs for Undergraduate TAs

Undergraduate TAs perform a significant role in teaching at Penn.  CTL helps prepare undergraduates for the classroom with a series of orientation and training sessions.

Some schools have established TA training for undergraduates and other schools work on TA orientation through departments.  If you are an undergraduate and not sure about what you need to do to prepare to be a TA, contact your school or email CTL for more information.


SAS asks LAs to attend training the first semester they are a learning assistant.  These are usually held on Friday of the 2nd week of classes.  

For fall 2019 SAS LA training is

Friday September 6 4:00-7:30 in DRL 3H1N

For SEAS Undergraduate TAs

Undergraduate TAs in the School of Engineering are required to attend a TA training that prepares them for working with students in class and in office hours.  This session also helps students think about important issues such as gender bias in classes and how to best help engineering students succeed in their classes.  This session is usually held on Friday of the 3rd week of classes.

For fall 2019 SEAS TA training is:

Friday September 13 4:00-7:30 in Towne 217


Some TAs working in SAIL (Structured Active in Class Learning) classes are required to participate in a semester long TA training program to both introduce them to policies and procedures and help TAs in these programs prepare to work effectively with groups and to coach students through the problem-solving process.

Other Services for Undergraduate TAs and LAs