Resources for Teaching at Penn

Resources for teaching abound at Penn. These pages codify those resources, offering a single site with resources and links instructors need. Here you can find tools you will need to run your class, information about teaching policies, links to offices around campus that can support your teaching goals or your students, suggestions for handling particular teaching challenges and guidance on teaching in general. Feel free also to contact CTL with questions about available resources or for other information about teaching at Penn.

As we continue to teach in a pandemic, this page highlights the way that instructors can combine structure and flexibility to keep students on track.
This section provides information on class rosters, classrooms and setting up course sites, as well as guidance about Penn's policies related to teaching.
This collection provides some examples of syllabus policy statements from Penn faculty.
Students can have difficulties in the classroom as the result of academic or personal challenges. These pages link to resources by schools that instructors can use to help students (and where they can ask questions themselves) and to resources that serve the entire Penn community.
This guide is intended to help faculty, instructors, and TAs prepare for the possibility that some class activities may need to be conducted remotely. It is intended as a starting point to help you continue your course with minimal disruptions to class time.
Penn offers both end of semester and mid semester evaluations. This section helps instructors know who to contact, how to set up mid semester evaluations and how to make the most of their end of semester evaluations.
The Course Feedback for Instructors system (CFI) provides instructors with confidential and customizable feedback on their teaching during the semester.
Academic Integrity is central to the academic mission of Penn. These pages contain information on how to teach in ways that encourage integrity and what to do in cases of academic dishonesty.
At Penn individual schools award prizes for teaching and the Provost's office also has university-wide awards.
Various Penn offices offer course development grants for Penn faculty and instructors interested in developing new courses or revising courses they've already taught.
New faculty at Penn face a number of challenges from the logistics of setting up email and IDs to preparing a syllabus. These pages will guide new faculty and instructors to some of the useful resources on campus and to advice from other Penn faculty.