Sample Missed Midterms Policies

In order to provide equitable treatment for all students, policies regarding missed exams or late assignments instructors need to clarify what happens if a student must be absent during a midterm exam or a final. Consider how flexible you want to be with students if they are not able to be in class and how (or if) you intend to allow students to make up the exam. Explaining your policy in advance will help avoid later misunderstanding and negotiation.

You may or may not decide to allow students to use the Course Absence Report (CAR) system for missed midterm exams. The CAR system will not be available during the final exam period.

• One make‐up exam will be provided to any student who requests it, for any reason, once during the course of the semester. There will be no additional make—up exams if the make-up date is missed, and students may not request a make-up exam more than once in the course of the semester.

• Students may drop one midterm exam score, including one in which they earned a zero because the exam was not taken due illness or other emergency. If a student misses more than one exam, the student should withdraw from the course.

• Students may not miss a midterm exam without making a prior arrangement with the faculty member. A make‐up exam, or other accommodations, will be provided solely at the instructor’s discretion.