Sample Regrading Policies for Exams and Papers

Students will often want to discuss their grades with you. It is wise to have a policy that outlines under what conditions those discussions should happen and what may result from those discussions. Some instructors are happy to discuss grades. Others set some limits on what they will discuss so that students will not ask for a regrade just to see if they can improve their grades. Instructors often stipulate a cooling off period or encourage students to put their requests in writing. They also set a time limit after which they will no longer consider regrade requests (to prevent a flood of requests at the end of the semester.)


• I will not discuss grades over email or in the classroom.

• I will not change grades except in extraordinary circumstances and will only discuss grades for the purpose of improving on future papers (or exams).

• You must wait 24 hours after receiving the grade to request a regrade. In addition, you may not request a regrade more than one week (seven days) after seeing the grade.

• All regrade requests must be submitted in writing with a full explanation of why you think the work was incorrectly graded.

• I will not accept for regarding any work that appears to have been altered.

• Except in cases where the grader has added numbers incorrectly, I will only regrade entire exams or papers. Please understand that once you submit your work for regarding, the grade can go either up or down.