Teaching Practices and Strategies


Instructors at Penn thinking about ways to change their teaching can use the links below to find new methods for meeting their teaching goals and objectives.

Teaching a course using a SAIL (Structured Active In-Class Learning) format allows instructors to get students, even in large classes, engaged in content and problem-solving. The SAIL format provides students with the opportunity to participate in the process of learning and puzzling out problems with guidance from instructors as well as help from their peers.
Many faculty wish to create inclusive classrooms where all students feel welcome and that they can succeed. These pages contain concrete ideas about how to best do this using research into classroom practices.
Setting up a syllabus can be challenging. Here are some ideas from other Penn faculty about policies that you might want to include on your syllabus.
It can be difficult to know what to say to students in response to international, national, or Penn-focused events, especially when emotions are raw and powerful. CTL has collected some resources that might help instructors who are not sure what to say or do in the event of tragedy.
Talk About Teaching and Learning is a series of essays that began in 1994. These essays run once a month throughout the year and provide concrete ideas and strategies to address teaching concerns across all twelve of Penn's schools.
There is a huge body of literature on effective methods in teaching. We've selected a few publications that we think are helpful to begin thinking about evidence-based approaches to teaching.
Penn offers a wide range of support for using technology in the classroom.
Ideas and guidance for preparing an online class.