Weeks of the Semester Spring  2022

Note: This reflect the semester that many undergraduate schools use.  That said, schools often have their own schedules.  If you have questions about your teaching semester, check with your school's registrar.

In addition, this list reflects only the major religious holidays listed in Penn's policy on religious holidays.  This link to the Chaplain's list of secular and religious holidays provides a fuller list.


Week 1  January 12-14 CLASSES WILL BE REMOTE

  • Monday classes on Wednesday January 12

Week 2 January 17-21 CLASSES WILL BE REMOTE

  • No Monday classes this week for Martin Luther King Day (on January 17)

Week 3  January 24-January 28 RETURN TO IN PERSON TEACHING

  • Course selection period ends on Tuesday Jan 25 (students can add and drop classes freely until then.)

Week 4  January 31-February 4 

Week 5  February 7-11

Week 6   February 14-18

Week 7  February 21-February 25

  • Monday February 21 last day students can drop a class without penalty. (Consider giving students something graded before this deadline -- and give yourself or TAs time to grade -- so they can make a decision about staying in the class.)

Week 8  February 28 - March 4

SPRING BREAK  March 7-11

Week 9  March 14-18

  • Friday March 18 last day students can request to take a class pass/fail

Week 10  March 21-25

  • Advanced Registration for Fall 2022 begins (if you are teaching a fall course, post information, a draft syllabus or a prospectus to Courses-In-Touch).

Week 11 March 28 - April 1

  • Monday, March 29 is the last day a student can withdraw from a course (they get a w on their transcript but no grade)

Week 12 April 4-8

  • Friday April 8 is the start of Spring Fling, a large on-campus party.  Students often skip classes this Friday and may not be in great shape for graded work on Monday.

Week 13 April 11-April 15

  • The 15th is Good Friday and the start of Passover. No exams or assigned work may be required from the evening of 4/15 through 4/17

Week 14 April 18-22

Week 15  April 25-29

  • Do not give final exams this week.
  • Wednesday, April 27 is the last day of classes


READING DAYS:  April 27-May 1 (no finals here either)

EXAMS:  May 2-10

GRADES DUE: May 13 (three days after the last final)

You can also learn more about when grades are due here.