University of Pennsylvania's Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) works to help instructors at Penn excel in their teaching, to enhance the culture of teaching at the university, and, in turn, to increase the quality of education at Penn.

Featured Resources for Teaching

CTL has a guide to strategies and practices for teaching in Spring 2022.

Curious about how to help students as they continue to experience stress from the pandemic? Consult Practices for Teaching Students Living with Stress and Trauma
Interested in planning ahead for how you might address students who need to be absent? Consult Strategies to Help Students Stay on Track When They Must Miss Class.
Concerned about what to do if you have to quarantine? Consult Transitioning Your Class to an Online Interlude
CTL Offerings:
Most undergraduate classes at Penn will be taught in person in the spring of 2022. This page offers a guide to help faculty plan their classes and think about adding structure and flexibility to their classes.
Faculty and instructors at all levels can participate in CTL programs including teaching workshops, conversations and individual consultations.
CTL works with graduate students to help them improve their teaching at Penn and prepare to become faculty in the future.
Penn has a number of policies about teaching and resources to support the classroom. This section includes information for new faculty as well as information about teaching grants, technology in the classroom, course evaluations and academic integrity.
The links in this section focus on teaching practices such as SAIL and open online teaching. There are also sections on inclusive teaching and a connection to Talk About Teaching and Learning where Penn faculty share ideas and suggestions about teaching.
Teaching a fully online course asks instructors to rethink and revise how they teach. These pages provide resources, tools and strategies for thinking through how to create a new online course or adapt a pre-existing one.

How to Get Here

The Center for Teaching and Learning is located on the first floor of Van Pelt Library. Walk west from the front entrance to the library and about halfway through the Weigle Information Commons. Turn right at diner booths 5/6 toward the elevators. Immediately after the elevators turn left and CTL is through the double glass doors.

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