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Penn's Policy about Student Attendance

Penn does not have an official policy on excused or unexcused absences except for religious holidays.

Penn's Policy on Secular and Religious Holidays asks that instructors excuse students students observing religious holidays that affect large numbers of students, including Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Christmas, the first two days of Passover, and Good Friday. Exams scheduled immediately after those holidays should not include material introduced on that day.

Student Health Services will not provide notes verifying student illnesses. You should design policies that do not require medical confirmation. Should a student need to miss an extended period of class (more than three days), you should contact the student's advising office.

Instructors may want to ask that students use the Course Absence Report System to tell you when they will miss class. Instructors are not required to used it so be sure your students know if you expect them to use it or not.

Sample Attendance Policies

From Michael Gamer's ENGL 101 "Jane Austen and Adaptation"

Since we know that disasters happen unexpectedly during the semester, we allow you three absences. More will likely affect your grade. Since there's no such thing in this class as an "excused" absence, please do not write us if you're going to miss class. Your three absences are your business. However, if you are struck down with a major illness, please contact us immediately.

From Connie Scanga's NURS 164 "Integrated Human Anatomy, Physiology & Physical Assessment II"

Students are required to attend all lab components of their coursework. In terms of this course, the Attendance & Absence policy means that you must attend all nursing and A&P lab classes. In the event that you will not be able to attend your regularly scheduled N163/164 Nursing or A&P Lab class, you are required to notify the professors via online Course Absence Report prior to the start of the class/lab you will miss. Please note that, as per the Attendance & Absence policy, students with unexcused absence (or with excessive excused absence) from lab will be asked to share the cost of the make-up hours with the School of Nursing. Additionally, excessive absences from lab for any reason may necessitate repetition of the entire course.

Camielle Charles, Soc 120 Social Statistics

Read before class, arrive on time, and come prepared to ask questions. We take attendance via PollEverywhere during the first 15 minutes of class (the poll is locked at 10:15am). Too many absences will lower your grade. You get three (3) freebies: use them wisely. Excused absences beyond your freebies require documentation/discussion/notification with me or your TA. If you plan to miss class, please use the course absence system in Penn In Touch. In cases of emergency or extended absence, you are responsible for notifying me or your TA about your circumstance so we can help you determine your ability to complete the course. If you need to leave class early, let us know at the beginning of class. If you miss part/all of a lecture, assume that 1) you have missed "important" material and that 2) I will not give a repeat performance of my lecture in an office visit. Read, get notes from a classmate, review and work some problems. THEN, if you still have questions, by all means come see me and/or your TA.

From Donovan O. Schaefer's RELS 102 "Sacred Stuff: Religious Bodies, Places, and Objects"

This is a conversation class, which means a major part of the work of the class comes from our discussions. The texts are not the class! Attendance at all sessions is important. You may miss up to two sessions for any reason -- illness, religious observance, sporting events -- with no penalty. Beyond these two, each absence will lower your grade by three points unless we've come to an agreement in advance (regarding medical concerns, for example.) You'll be responsible for making up missed work and material for any missed class by liaising with your peers.